Sea with Light Violet Cloud
Emil Nolde

Hilma af Klint, The Ten Greats, no. 2, Childhood. Group IV, 1907, Oil and tempura on paper, mounted on board, 328 x 240 cm; © Stiftelsen Hilma af Klints Verk / Photo: Moderna Museet / Albin Dahlström.)

-NEW MIXED MEDIA PAINTING- 8x6 inchesThese paintings are a mixture of printed photographs and oil painting.My work is increasingly focussing on identity with an underlining theme of hyper-reality.This series concerns itself with various muddled notions of individuality. Exploring, developing and undermining individuality with various mixed media techniques, and combining traditional and artificial elements.Printing photos is real but more machine like. Bright colours can suggest the vibrancy of life yet are deeply unnatural. I’m exploring contradictory elements and synthesising them into an overall uncertain attitude towards identity.The idea of a Faustian bargain is a fascinating one to me. The person is created anew and destroyed, empowered but doomed. Notions of artificiality and hyper-reality seem closely related to me; Contradictory and compelling.

Gallery Network
With a plethora of exciting exhibitions, 2014 promises to be a fantastic year for the arts. On this note, we’re very happy to introduce the latest members of our famous Gallery Network. 
1. gallery nine5—New York, NY, USA
2. 19Karen Contemporary Artspace—Gold Coast, QLD, Australia
3. AP Contemporary—Hong Kong, China
4. Galeria Blanca Berlin—Madrid, Spain
5. Gallery 928—Cape Coral, FL, USA
6. Galerie Nierendorf—Berlin, Germany
7. Gallery ‘Le miroir de la mémoire’ —Zurich, Switzerland
Image: Jacqueline Kennedy II, Andy Warhol, courtesy of Gallery 928.

Walkers, Colored Pencil on Paper, 2014

Dan Christensen

Bryan Reedy

conte on paper
21 x 30 cm
31. january 2014

Milton Resnick 
Roswell, 1971-80” by 68” private collection

Something Artistic Blog Kristine Moran  Kristine Moran’s recent painting practice… via Tumblr

Detail from Skye 03, one of the remaining originals from London solo show Elsewhere now available direct from ShopVon. #fb
#von #shopvon #art #abstract #female #portrait #drawing #london #elsewhereshow #original #fineart #hellovon (at

Alex Diamond
watercolor on paper
8 x 10 inches

Eisuke Sato

sirmione 19986

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